Etelä-Nummela School and Kindergarten - Interior Design

Etelä-Nummela school and kindergarten centre is a versatile learning environment that offers primary school, kindergarten and Swedish-language teaching as well as early childhood education services. The building is located on the edge of the Nummela urban area in a beautiful field landscape. It acts as the centre of the community and brings the residents together.

Municipality of Vihti
approx. 8600 m² (gross)

A lively communal meeting place 

At the centre is a bright lobby, around which the building extends into different wings in a star-like shape: a kindergarten, school, gym, and a wing for artistic and practical subjects. Sheltered and safe courtyards designed for different age groups are located between the wings. The premises are open, adaptable, flexible and promote a sense of community. The multifunctional nature of the premises, safety and the separation of groups have been taken into account in the design.

Natural larch wood and dark exterior cladding have been used in the façades, and the colourful panels enliven the overall look. In the central lobby, wooden panelling has been used to improve acoustics and add warmth to the interior design. Different colour schemes have been used to differentiate the spaces of the different wings. The classrooms are designed with neutral colours, while the lobbies feature brighter colours. The multifunctional furniture is tailored to the needs of the users. A stage opens up from the lobby staircase, which also functions as an auditorium. There is also a comfortable sitting area under the stairs. The bright lobby, which acts as the heart of the school, creates a sense of community and acts as the focal point of various parties and events.


Joona Koskelo
Kaisu Vasara
Julia Leshkova
Liina Yasin
Elena Pennie
Sini Räikkä
Kristian Järvi
Riina Heikkinen
Kristiina Heikura
Riina Marjomaa
Maisa Seppänen
Pauliina Laurila
Hanna Jokela
Pekka Määttä
Niko Liias
Tuure Kinnunen
Mikko Alatarvas

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