Åhuset is part of an extensive protected building stock owned by Åbo Akademi University near the Turku Cathedral. Our design firm has been involved in several similar building renovation and interior design projects.

Stiftelsen för Åbo Akademi
670 m²
Åhuset, tiilipilarit ja suuret kattovalaisimet tummassa ullakkotilassa.

A renovation project to restore the old look

The Åhuset building, located on the banks of the Aura River, was originally built right after the fire in Turku in 1827 as a home for a merchant family. The building was later acquired by Åbo Akademi University. In the fascinating renovation project, the cubicle-like chipboard rooms of the 70s were demolished, and the original log walls and floorboards were revealed from underneath. Fragments of old wallpaper were found under several layers of chipboard and fibre glass wallpaper, as well as newspapers used as caulking material, the oldest of which date back to the time right after the Turku fire. Some of the old rooms were turned into open offices, and a few old wallpaper and log structures were left visible to showcase the history of the house. Before the renovation, the attic floor was an unused cold storage space, which was then converted into a dark, modern party and meeting space. The main floor was restored to retain the historical character of the building, and the new office and study spaces were designed with a cosy atmosphere in mind.


Vincenza Leone
Pia Sabelström
Maija Viitala


Teppo Mattila

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