Architectural design

We create high-quality architecture that seamlessly blends aesthetics and practicality while taking the future into account. Our expertise covers a wide range of projects, from new buildings to renovation and alteration work.

Architecture that serves people and the environment

Our goal is to implement functional, sustainable and beautiful architecture. Our expertise is wide-ranging and our design projects include learning environments, office buildings, work environments, hospitals and other social and health care buildings, commercial properties, hotels, restaurants and residential construction.

Architectural design

We do all stages of the design process, from the first steps of the project and project planning to the draft stages, implementation planning and fine-tuning the details.

We take environmental sustainability into account and take care of the communication between different partners.

Principal designer services

A project’s budget, scheduling and cooperation among stakeholders require a skilled principal designer.

As the principal designer, we take care of the implementation of the project goals together with the client and are responsible for the coordination of the design process.

Modern design tools

We model all our projects and present our plans through high-quality visualisations.

Lukkaroinen is a seasoned expert on the built environment

At the heart of our work is combining the wishes of the client and the skill of the designer into a seamlessly functioning, financially prudent and aesthetically pleasing end result.


We invest in open communication with the client, providing a genuine opportunity for the client to influence the content of the designs. The result is a practical and beautiful whole.


Every design project is valuable and unique to us. 

Welfare Centre "Pirtti", Pudasjärvi

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How our process unfolds

Each project is unique, which is why the more detailed phases and schedule of the process are always determined on a project-by-project basis.

We are closely involved and support the client all the way from going over the starting points of the project to its completion.
Initial survey

We survey the project’s starting points and goals and prepare a schedule for the project together with the client.

Idea and drafting phase

We brainstorm and build a concept as a basis for the design, which carries through the project. We listen to the client and refine the drafts towards a high-quality design solution.

Permit phase

We handle the permit process with the authorities. We create building permit drawings and coordinate the necessary reports and special plans.

Implementation planning phase

The project is built using high-quality implementation plans that are carefully coordinated with other design fields. Even the smallest details are carefully designed to give the building a long life cycle.


We are closely involved during construction and monitor the implementation of plans and details.

Final survey

We check the quality of the completed building and ensure our clients’ satisfaction with the end result.

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Meiju Granholm

Account and HR Director, M.Sc. (Econ.)

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