Welfare Centre ”Pirtti”, Pudasjärvi

The Welfare Centre “Pirtti”, a timber building to be constructed in Pudasjärvi, will contain a library, youth facilities, social and health care services, and an employment unit. The building will also have an auditorium, meeting rooms for municipality residents to reserve, a café and commercial space.

Town of Pudasjärvi
9300 m²
Hyvän olon keskus "Pirtti", julkisivu ja pääsisäänkäynti.

A shared space for residents

The building will mainly have two storeys distributed into strands, making the building compatible with the scale of its surroundings. The façades will alternate between massive timber walls and large glass surfaces.


Laura Sorri
Diana Lavric
Kristiina Heikura
Johanna Kalliainen
Mikko Alatarvas
Heidi Kurttio
Päivi Juvonen
Liina Yasin
Pirkko Kukkurainen
Saana Seppänen
Teemu Pulkkinen

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