Asemakatu-Vitikantie Rental Housing Plan

The project resulted in a land use and idea plan for a group of plots in the centre of Haapajärvi. The plan was used as the basis for altering the town plan and marketing the area. The conceptual design process emphasised an interactive approach, with the client involved throughout.

City of Haapajärvi/ Kiinteistö Oy Haapajärven Vuokratalot
4,5 ha, 1850 floor area
Asemakatu-Vitikantie vuokara-asumisen ideasuunnitelma, havainnekuva rakennuksista.

A new rental housing concept

The aim of the rental houses in Haapajärvi is to build comfortable new customer-oriented rental housing in the area to serve the needs of people of different ages. The diverse homes were created in the form of detached houses so that every resident has the opportunity to enjoy peace and quiet combined with the communality of living in a Finnish housing company.


Satu Fors
Hanna Jokela
Heini Kaskela

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