Cafe & Bar 21

Our design firm was involved in the Cafe & Bar 21 brand renewal, in which we were responsible for the interior architecture of the space: the design of materials, textiles and custom-made furniture, as well as fixtures in the customer premises and bar area.

RoiRoi Oy
130 m²
Cafe & Bar 21, kahvilasali.

Interior design that resembles a delicious pastry

The recurring themes and colour scheme in the space support the brand, reinforcing the brand’s image and creating credibility of what Cafe & Bar 21 is best known for: salty and sweet waffles, home-made artisan ice cream, pastries and cocktails.

The atmosphere is fresh and flowing, and the small finishing touches – including turned sofa legs and wall panels shaped in the fashion of ice cream sticks – make a big difference, just like in delicious pastries.

The soft design language, tones and surfaces make the space interesting and cosy and guarantee a pleasant customer experience. The look is harmonious and fits the identity of Cafe & Bar 21.

Thanks to the new interior, we have received an incredible amount of positive feedback, which is also reflected in the cash flow.


Eeva-Liisa Hiltula

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