Complete renovation of Oulu ice rink

Oulu ice rink was designed by UKI Arkkitehdit and built in 1975. Since its completion, the ice rink has been extended in several phases.

City of Oulu
11620 m² (gross)
Oulun jäähallin peruskorjaus, kaukalo katsomosta.

Home of Kärpät in Raksila

The ice rink was intended to remain open throughout the renovation, which posed a challenge in terms of the planning and implementation of the renovation, as the work needed to be scheduled carefully across several summers, when the ice rink is not in active use. Furthermore, the uses of the ice rink impose substantial demands on the wear resistance of the chosen design solutions and materials. The aims were to improve the conditions for training and competition in ice hockey, figure skating, and synchronised skating, as well as the spectator experience.

The renovation involved a comprehensive modernisation of the changing rooms in the western end of the building. The most visible changes for spectators are the new seats in the stands, extensive renovations of surfaces, and a new floor covering in the lobby areas. The renovation also involved modernising the technical systems for competitive sports so that the ice rink provides spectators with a better service during ice hockey matches and other public events. The alterations and modernisations conducted on the technical building systems and cooling systems were also large in scope.


Hannu Tuomela
Laura Sorri
Olli Hongisto

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