Extension and renovation of Niemenranta School

A primary school was extended into the Niemenrantatalo building located in Oulunsalo, and the extension contains basic and special education facilities, as well as small group spaces for approximately 200 pupils.

City of Oulu
1772 m² (gross)
Niemenrannan koulun laajennus, julkisivu ja välituntipiha.

A harmonious combination of brick and wood

The extension also contains facilities for art and craft subjects, which serve the entire school, as well as staff rooms. An existing section of the building also underwent alteration work in connection with the project.

The extension is a harmonious continuation of the existing building, both in terms of the distribution of masses and the façade materials. The tall windows allow plenty of natural light into the interiors, in which the wooden slat ceiling creates a pleasant warm atmosphere inside and looks impressive from the outside. The extension is connected to the existing building by a spacious, lobby-like connecting pipe. The school area’s grounds were also expanded, and a new sports field was added, among other things.

The first section of Niemenranta school was built in 2010, and the site has received international acclaim as a school building, so special care was required when extension and renovation measures were carried out.


Olli Hongisto
Sini Räikkä
Ilmari Teperi
Niko Liias
Joona Koskelo
Henri Kangas
Liisa Kärki
Henry Kouva
Tea Kemppainen
Riina Marjomaa

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