Gustav Sandbergs Hus

An over-a-century-old house on Kaskenmäki Hill, next to Turunmaa Hospital, was renovated by students of the Turku Vocational Institute. After decades of neglect, the house found a new purpose as a cosy office building for foundations.

Stiftelsen för Åbo Akademi
236 m²
Gustav Sandbergs Hus, julkisivu pihalta yläviistosta.

New life for an old house

The house was partially collapsed and badly damaged by fire and vandalism. The building had been extended with timber from a demolished building, and the façade openings had been changed over the decades. An Art Nouveau-style residential building on the same plot had to be demolished due to its poor condition. However, the neighbouring building was not completely forgotten: a decorative tile stove was moved from the demolition site to the meeting room, and the tiny checkered Art Nouveau windows found their place on the new veranda.

The Eschnerska Frilasarettet Foundation preserved cultural history in funding the restoration of the Sandberg house. Now history will remain visible on the streets of Kaskenmäki Hill, keeping the view interesting for future generations.


Pia Sabelström
Tessa Sundqvist


Turku Vocational Institute

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