Ornate wooden villa and sauna building in Hirvensalo

An over-a-century-old deserted house by the sea was turned into a charming and beautiful home.


253 m²
Hirvensalon pitsihuvila ja saunarakennus, julkisivu kauempaa.

A charming transformation: an old deserted house transformed into a beautiful seaside villa

The windows, doors and façade of the building were mainly preserved, and the renovation was carried out with respect for the old. The floorboards were repurposed as wall panelling, and the old iron stoves were restored. Subtle extensions were added to the old villa.

The design of the beautiful lakeside sauna was inspired by the various small-screen windows and doors found in the outdoor shed that were well-preserved and over a century old. The gorgeous windows offer a peaceful view of the passing ships and boats travelling towards the open sea of Airisto.


Pia Sabelström
Vincenza Leone

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