Housing Area SRV Toppilan Fyyri

In 2009, we won an architectural competition to design new homes in Toppila, a former brewery area operated by Mallasjuoma in Oulu. However, the process of designing the buildings in the area did not begin until ten years after the competition.

SRV Asunnot Oy Pohjois-Suomi
4580 m²
As Oy Toppilansalmen Fyyri, havainnekuva kadulta.

Urban planning with attention to detail

The first buildings completed were two four-storey residential buildings named Asunto Oy Toppilansalmen Fyyri along with a yard building containing premises such as the joint sauna for the residents. The intention was to use a simple design for the façades and mass distribution of the two buildings that make the entity. The angular placement of the buildings in relation to one another creates a sunlit courtyard area. Asunto Oy Toppilansalmen Fyyri was the starting shot for a project that had been on ice for a long time and is still underway.

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