Hus Asunnot Luuvaniementie

HUS Kiinteistöt commissioned the construction of two new residential buildings in Niemenmäki in Western Helsinki. The new homes are employer-owned units provided to employees of the Helsinki and Uusimaa Hospital District.

Kiinteistö Oy HUS-Asunnot
7260 m² (gross)
Hus Asunnot Luuvaniementie, julkisivu metsästä.

Residential construction in line with the forest suburb ideology of the 60s

The new seven-storey residential buildings were constructed in a residential area designed according to the forest suburb ideology of the 1960s. Peg-like tower blocks and low-rise apartment buildings are dotted liberally around the terrain.

The façades of the new building are fair-faced brick. The new buildings merge with the existing building stock thanks to their white colouring and horizontal façade structuring. The recessed roof floor is an integral part of the buildings’ architecture.


Helena Tasa
Eveliina Koho
Juuso Pajukko
Tellervo Karinsalo
Simo Rasmussen
Kaisu Vasara
Valtteri Alakärppä
Mikko Alatarvas
Mimma Tuomisalo
Paulus Alajeesiö
Ulla-Maija Aarnio

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