K-Supermarket Toppila

The K-Supermarket Toppila store building was completed in 2016. Ranta-Toppila is an old port and industrial area that has largely become a residential area, and with the supermarket, the area’s commercial services have risen to a new level. The building was expanded to the southwest in 2023 while retaining the existing style.


2016, extension 2023
Kesko Oyj
• original 3,090 m² (gross), extension 2,080 m² (gross), total 5,170 m² (gross)
K-Supermarket Toppila, vaalea julkisivu edestä.

The building’s façades feature a light colour scheme in accordance with the city plan. The high canopy and its row of pillars, which span the entire building, add definition to the otherwise simplified building. The façades are made of light burnt brick and cement fibreboard. Large coloured areas give the building a touch of warmth. The areas consist of board cladding similar in colour to the terracotta underside of the canopy and the matching fibreboard cladding around the entrance. In addition to the grocery store, the store building contains retail premises and a café-restaurant.


Ari Toppila
Sari Isola-Mäläskä
Timo Leiviskä
Henry Kouva



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