Kerava Health Care Centre

Functional alterations were made to the basement, ground floor and first floor of the Kerava health care centre, which was originally built in 1978. The technical building services were also renovated in the alteration areas.


Town of Kerava
1600 m²
Keravan terveyskeskus, odotusaula, minkä seinissä värikästä taidetta.

Functional alterations that improve operations

The emergency reception facilities on the ground floor were altered to better cater for the needs of clients and the facility’s operations. The new premises include waiting, registration, reception, treatment and observation rooms. Changes were made to the offices in the emergency and rehabilitative care wards on the first floor, and the medicine rooms and outpatient clinic were renovated.

While the functional alterations were being made to the health centre, the Arts Promotion Centre Finland (Taike) carried out an art project, which implemented spatial art in various parts of the health centre.


Kaisu Vasara
Katriina Teräsvuori
Nastassja Favale
Paulus Alajeesiö

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