Kungsgårdsskolan och daghem

Kungsgårdsskolan och daghem is a Swedish-language school and daycare building in Espoo, and it is an example of an adaptable learning environment in accordance with the new curriculum.


City of Espoo
approx. 5000 m² (gross)
Kungsgårdsskolan och daghem, julkisivu ja pääsisäänkäynti.

Learning in the lap of nature

The design for the new school included premises for a total of 380 people, spread across a primary school, preschool, early childhood education group, and staff rooms.

The site is situated near nature conservation areas and surrounded on all sides by much lower buildings. The area is a valuable cultural heritage environment, and there is a protected building on the adjacent plot. The new building needed to be compatible with the nature and environment in terms of its scale and materials. The building needed to retain a human scale and appear welcoming. Construction began in spring 2020, and the school will be completed in 2022.


Olli Hongisto
Laura Ainali-Karjalainen
Joona Koskelo
Henry Kouva
Ville Hautala
Maisa Seppänen
Kristian Järvi
Elena Pennie
Sini Räikkä
Pirkko Kukkurainen
Tea Kemppainen
Riina Marjomaa
Pekka Lukkaroinen

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