Land Use Planning, Kempele

We won a town planning and site allocation competition in the municipal centre of Kempele in 2016 in collaboration with Sito Oy and Hartela Pohjois-Suomi Oy.

Municipality of Kempele
Kempeleen tontin­luovutuskilpailu ja Kempeleen keskustan kaavarunko, havainnekuva ilmasta.


The competition proposal envisaged the area being divided by an hourglass-shaped series of squares and parks surrounded by blocks of flats and townhouses. It presented a total floor space of approximately 65,000 m2 for versatile residential living and commercial and service spaces.

In 2017, after the competition phase was over, the plan was revised to form the outline for a town plan that paid consideration to the goals of parties in the Kempele municipality and region with regard to the development of the area.


Sanni Leinonen
Hanna Jokela
Heini Kaskela
Simo Rasmussen
Petri Pettersson


Sito Oy
Hartela Pohjois-Suomi Oy

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