Liminka Upper Secondary School and Heikki Sarvela Hall

Liminka Upper Secondary School is part of the school block in the heart of Liminka. Liminka Bay comprehensive school is also situated in the block, and it operates on the premises of Linnukka School and Hannu Krankka School. An international competition was organised for the alteration and renovation work of the upper secondary school, which Lukkaroinen Architects won together with construction company Sorvoja Oy in early 2021.

Municipality of Liminka
3220 brm²
Limingan lukion Heikki Sarvela-salin näkymä katsomosta lavalle.

Renewing the soundscape, supporting learning

A key part of the project was the construction of a new Heikki Sarvela Hall, mostly used in acoustic music performances, and its foyer. The upper secondary school premises, which were completed in 2004, were also renovated, and some of the space was converted into the music institute’s practice facilities. The upper secondary school premises were in use for the duration of almost the entire project. Another significant renovation was the creation of a new main entrance for public events.

The new Heikki Sarvela Hall was placed on the same level as the upper secondary school premises on the first floor, which allowed the better integration of the hall into the building. The hall is a spectacular and prestigious space, and it is clad in light-coloured wood from the floor to the ceiling. The acoustics are first-class, as curved surfaces have been incorporated into both the walls and the ceiling. The stage and auditorium’s acoustics can be modified with curtains, which makes the hall suitable for widely different uses.

In the hall’s foyer, a glass wall offers a view of the lively central courtyard of the school block. A multi-purpose innovation arena was also built next to the main lobby. If necessary, the arena can be divided into smaller sections and separated from the lobby with adjustable partition walls. The building is also in active use in the evenings and on weekends.

The renovated Liminka Upper Secondary School’s façade material creates a coherent whole with the adjacent school buildings.


Okko Saurama
Kati Kaukonen
Henri Kangas
Laura Sorri
Elena Pennie
Kristiina Heikura
Tea Kemppainen
Aino Löfbacka
Anna Ervasti-Gussander


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