Lumiareena Community Centre

Lumiareena is a multifunctional arena built from timber on a site beneath the Iso-Syöte downhill ski slopes in Pudasjärvi. It was intended to stimulate tourism and the use of the Syöte area, especially in the summer.

Town of Pudasjärvi (project and draft design) and Rakennusliike Lapti Oy (implementation phase)
1400 m²
Lumiareena, julkisivu viistosti päädystä.

The world’s first multifunctional arena built from timber

The two-storey Lumiareena contains the arena hall, restaurant and the functions of the central reservation office in Iso-Syöte. The main entrance takes visitors from the ski slopes to the second-floor restaurant where the glass walls offer views of the slopes. The lower floor houses a 400 m2 hall, which can be used as a venue for parties and concerts and as a gym.

The restaurant continues into the adjacent multifunctional building known as Safaritalo, which was built in the early 2000s. The Safaritalo building also contains sauna and conference facilities, as well as a rental agency. This building has a covered connection to a newly constructed apartment hotel. This has created a complex of three interconnected buildings at the foot of the Iso-Syöte ski slopes.

Lumiareena was built from non-settling logs that will become grey over time due to the iron vitriol treatment applied to them. In terms of form, the building is minimalist, rising out of the terrain.


Kristian Järvi
Okko Saurama
Kati Kaukonen
Olli Hongisto
Eveliina Koho
Maisa Seppänen

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