Lumit, Kuopio High School of Arts

The design work for the high school of arts is based on a winning entry to the architectural competition for the shoreline of Kuopionlahti. When complete, the area will become an important urban cultural centre that brings the built environment and nature together. Lumit will be a specialised high school with 600 pupils focusing on music, dance and the performing arts.

City of Kuopio
9500 m²
Taidelukio Lumit, julkisivu kuvattuna kulmasta.

Creative learning in the heart of Kuopio

Our competition proposal, which we prepared jointly with VSU Maisema-arkkitehdit, places the new buildings for the high school of arts and the hotel and conference centre alongside the music centre on a monumental axis next to the active park square. The planning area is very important to the cityscape; it is the gateway to central Kuopio for anyone arriving from the south.

The exterior form of the Lumit High School of Arts pays homage to traditional Kuopio features: narrow pedestrian and cycling streets and lake scenery. The park square leads to an entrance clad in wood. The pupils will be able to look through the glass façade onto the park and all the way to the Kuopionlahti bay. The lively activity inside the cultural building will be a prevalent presence in the surrounding streets and squares.


Petri Pettersson
Kati Kaukonen
Okko Saurama
Simo Rasmussen
Nina Keinänen
Joona Koskelo
Anttoni Niskanen
Soili Junes
Paulus Alajeesiö
Tellervo Karinsalo

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