Pudasjärvi Log Campus

The log campus is a comprehensive school and upper secondary school built on a picturesque plot on the north bank of the River Ii near the centre of Pudasjärvi. The campus is used by more than 700 school pupils and upper secondary students. The log campus is a landmark for the city and a showcase of the local expertise in timber construction. It is the largest known log building in the world, and visitors come from far and wide to see it.

Lemminkäinen Talo Oy
approx. 9770 m² (gross)
Pudasjärven Hirsikampus, julkisivu.

An eco-friendly modern log school that supports well-being

The frame of the building is made from laminated timber, with the exception of the emergency shelter, kitchen and the wing containing woodworking and metalworking classroom. The campus has a strong feeling of wood: the timber is visible everywhere, the scent of the sap is in the air, and the acoustics are mellow.

The log campus is made up of four sections consisting of log cabins large enough to house a few classrooms. Skylights in the centres of the cabins allow natural light into the buildings. Breaking the building up into smaller sections facilitated construction and made the frame very rigid. The plot offers a beautiful view of the River Ii, and the lobby of the school campus looks out over the river.

The façades of the four sections of the log campus were built in differing colours to give a smaller, more village-like feel to the massive building. The log material adds a sense of robustness and a local feel to the building. The openings provide the campus with a nimbler, more modern appearance. The windows are of different sizes, and they are placed at different heights to provide a sense of playful variation.



Kristian Järvi
Hannu Tuomela
Julia Leshkova
Timo Leiviskä
Olli Hongisto
Matti Lakkala
Pekka Lukkaroinen
Tea Kemppainen
Kati Kaukonen
Okko Saurama
Petri Pettersson

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