Restaurant Vespino

Restaurant Vespino is located in Kuusamo, in the scenery of Rukatunturi Fell.
The restaurant was inspired by the Italian Vespa as well as the country’s food culture, authentic restaurants and vibrant pedestrian streets.

Riipinen Restaurants Oy
342 m²
Ravintola Vespino, kaarisohvat ja pöydät ravintolasalissa.

A piece of Italy on the fells

Lukkaroinen was responsible for the restaurant’s principle design and interior architecture. The restaurant’s interior design features a number of customised details, such as wall and ceiling mouldings, the classic tile pattern on the dining room floor, and cut-out mirrors. In addition, the space was designed with unique fixtures and furniture, including custom-made wine shelves and an inviting bar counter, soft curved sofas, luxurious dining tables with marble tops, practical room divider sideboards, as well as versatile auxiliary furniture for waiter use.

The restaurant’s colour scheme is an atmospheric blend of dark petrol blue, rich burgundy and cognac-coloured leather, combined with clear white and pure black. The cosy end result was finished with textile and lighting design, as well as a soft soundscape. These are all extremely important elements in the formation of a clear identity for the restaurant premises.

We have received positive feedback on the restaurant’s new interior design from our customers, and we believe that Vespino will change Ruka’s restaurant offering into an even more interesting direction. The premises function well for both personnel and customers. We are very happy with the result!


Eeva-Liisa Hiltula
Restaurant Vespino
Antti Partanen

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