Rita-Aukio School and Metsokangas Comprehensive School ”Ukkometso”

The additional Rita-Aukio and Metsokangas schools were built to serve the needs of the growing number of secondary school pupils in the area. The fundamental principle was to create modern, semi-open learning environments that represent multimodal thinking.



City of Oulu, Facilities Services agency
Rita-aukio 2560 m², Ukkometso 2790 m²
Rita-Aukion koulu ja Metsokankaan yhtenäiskoulu "Ukkometso", julkisivu, puupanelointi.

Additional school buildings with a cosy atmosphere

The exterior walls are made from massive Porotherm clay blocks. A massive timber eave clad in panels adorns the front façade, creating a distinctive look for the building. Brighter accent colours are used to distinguish the entrances, resulting in a playful but calm appearance.

The interiors are designed to be compact and efficient, and there are virtually no corridors at all. The teaching facilities are separated from each other by fixed and openable glass walls, which make the rooms adaptable and allow natural light to permeate to the centre of the building. The premises are also divided into small group areas of various sizes, making it easy to cater for classes of different sizes.


Kristian Järvi
Anna Ervasti-Gussander
Maisa Seppänen
Okko Saurama
Joona Koskelo
Kati Kaukonen
Janne Haataja
Sini Räikkä
Henry Kouva

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