Salmisaari Sports Center

Salmisaari sports centre houses more than ten operators in over six storeys. The centre includes an ice rink, gyms, ten-pin bowling centre, restaurants, a climbing centre and a dance studio. Finland’s highest climbing wall, measuring 29 metres, is located next to the main lobby.

Koy Salmisaaren Liikuntakeskus (Salmisaari Sports Center), Helsinki
22 193 m² (gross)
Salmisaaren liikuntakeskus, julkisivu.

Diverse exercise opportunities under one roof

The primary façade material is COR-TEN steel. The façades at the entrances are made of burnt clay brick and glass. The surface material used for the seven-metre recesses on the top floors and on the main entrance side is dark blue profiled sheet.

The exceptionally large floor heights – with some floors up to 10 metres in height – imposed special requirements on the design of the premises. The long spans also called for unusually robust steel lattices measuring up to 3.5 metres in height. Thanks to the lightness of the steel frame, the tall lattices lend the premises a celebratory openness.


Pekka Lukkaroinen
Joona Koskelo
Ari Toppila
Heini Kaskela
Antti Partanen
Sami Logren
Ville Hautala
Nastassja Favale
Tea Kemppainen
Hanna Huhta
Katriina Teräsvuori
Kaisu Vasara

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