Sammonkaari CLT block of flats

CLT (cross-laminated timber), which was used as the residential building’s building material, is an ecological material consisting of cross-glued layers of solid wood. It positively affects the carbon footprint of construction by forming a so-called carbon handprint.

Working association Sammonkaari
4950 brm²
Sammonkaari CLT-kerrostalo, julkisivu yläosasta viistosti.

Ecological urban development

The Sammonkaari blocks of flats are located near the centre of Kajaani. The residential part of the five-storey block of flats that began the construction project of the city centre’s residential area has been built using CLT-framed elements. The basement and bottom floor, which mainly consists of commercial premises, are made of concrete frame. The block’s parking spaces are located on the basement floor and under the yard deck.

The solid wood surface of the structures is visible in the apartments’ ceilings, which creates a naturally warm atmosphere in the premises. The chamfered roof and varying heights give the building a sculptural feel. The façade is made of vertical panels of varying widths, the colour scheme of which is uniformly light towards the street and diversifies when entering the courtyard. The Sammonkaari block is themed after the tar trade, which is reflected in the shapes, materials and plant choices of the courtyard area. The graphic concrete pattern on the façade of the building gives the impression, in accordance with the theme, of tar barrels travelling in the foaming rapids.


Henri Vähäkangas
Antti Partanen
Mikko Alatarvas
Saana Seppänen
Laura Rontu
Martti Peuransalo
Tellervo Karinsalo
Bea Walta
Simo Rasmussen
Anna Niemelä
Heini Kaskela
Mirva Tarkka-Salin

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