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The new multipurpose centre in Sodankylä is a comprehensive school that combines pre-primary education, basic primary and secondary school education, and an upper secondary school on the same plot, creating a functional entity. The multipurpose centre serves the area’s residents in a versatile manner. The interior design of the property included the design of surface materials and fixtures, as well as the design of furniture and signs.

Municipality of Sodankylä
8310 m² (gross)
Tähtikunnan koulu, ruokailutila.

The wonderful nature of Lapland and its four seasons served as inspiration

The interior design was inspired by the surrounding magnificent nature of Lapland and the four seasons. The teaching facilities consist of five learning cells aimed at different age groups, as well as a separate cell for artistic and practical subjects, which was designed with its own recognisable, nature-inspired colour theme. A touch of warmth was added to the main lobby, auditorium and gym wall surfaces with wooden cladding. The grey main colour of the floor surfaces forms a uniform path from one space to another. The floors of the teaching facilities for natural sciences and artistic and practical subjects feature accent colours.

In the classrooms, all material and supplies storage was grouped to one wall, so that the rest of the furniture in the room could be moved around flexibly. A set of whiteboards with included storage space for teaching materials and various compartments was designed for the rooms. The adaptability of the premises was taken into account in the design of the furniture.

The signs feature common northern animals and insects. Each space was assigned its own animal, which appears in window decals and whose natural-sized footprints lead towards that space or learning cell. This means pupils learn to identify the common animal species of their environment and their footprints.



Olli Hongisto
Pekka Määttä
Sini Räikkä
Marianne Ihalainen
Saana Seppänen
Laura Sorri
Liina Yasin
Soili Junes
Antti Partanen
Anna Ervasti-Gussander
Eeva-Liisa Hiltula
Nina Keinänen
Kati Alamäki

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