“Uittopuomit” – Niemi waterfront idea competition in Lahti

“Uittopuomit” surrounds the traditional industrial milieu, transforming it into an oasis of urban ecological living. The scale and spirit of the factory are reflected in the cityscape and landscape structure.

City of Lahti
73700 kem²
”Uittopuomit” - Niemen ranta-alueen ideakilpailu Lahdessa, kuvaupotus maisemasta, lintuperspektiivi.

An oasis of urban green living

The landmark buildings familiar to the residents of Lahti will retain their spirit while transforming into inviting new buildings with new functions. Rantapuisto, which connects the residential blocks to the beach, plays an important role in restoring the area’s biodiversity. The plan preserves the current nature of the area, which is heavily influenced by factory operations.

The building masses are designed in a way that ensures that the apartments receive as much light and passive thermal energy as possible. The building frames are made of materials that store carbon. The new buildings and environmental structures utilise recycled building materials from demolished buildings in the area. They are heated utilising a biogas plant in the Viilukortteli area along with waste heat from the waterways.

The diverse and efficient network of pedestrian and bicycle paths encourages people to make short trips by bicycle or on foot, as well as to spend time in nature on the shore of Lake Vesijärvi.


Satu Fors
Simo Rasmussen
Petri Pettersson
Heini Kaskela
Tea Kemppainen

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