Old Vaasa Hospital

Lukkaroinen’s competition proposal titled “Huomassa” won the design competition for the new building of the Old Vaasa Hospital. The architectural invitation competition for a new 48-patient building to be built on the hospital grounds was organised by Senate Properties and the Old Vaasa Hospital in cooperation with the Finnish Association of Architects.

Senate Properties
Vanhan Vaasan sairaala, talvinen havainnekuva julkisivusta.

An architectural invitation competition was organised for five design groups, on the basis of which the two best proposals were selected for the further development phase. After further planning, our proposal titled “Huomassa” turned out to be the most suitable design solution and was selected for the implementation of the hospital. The decisive factor was the proposal’s functionality and safety.

The new building will be located in a nationally significant built cultural environment. The starting point of the design solution was to create a new patient building that complements the old milieu and serves as a safe and comfortable environment for patients and staff.

The competition proposal was made in cooperation with HVAC engineering company Meskanen Oy, IdeaStructura Oy and Sweco Oy.


Tiina Komulainen
Petri Pettersson
Anna Lohilahti
Simo Rasmussen
Eveliina Koho
Ella Palokangas
Old Vaasa Hospital


LVI-insinööritoimisto Meskanen Oy
IdeaStructura Oy
Sweco Oy

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