Welfare Centre ”Sopukka”, Sodankylä

The Sodankylä welfare centre combines the municipal social and health care functions under one roof.

YIT Talo Oy, Sodankylä
6790 brm² (gross)
Sodankylän hyvinvointikeskus "Sopukka", julkisivu ja pääsisäänkäynti talvella.

Comprehensive welfare services under one roof

The ground floor houses the acute functions, diagnostic premises, rehabilitation ward and support functions. The first floor contains a family services centre, occupational health care and dental care.

The architectural themes used in the Sodankylä welfare centre draw inspiration from the nature of Lapland. The form, colours, lighting and imagery of the building reflect the natural themes that are so important to the local community.


Merja Pesonen
Henry Kouva
Heidi Kurttio
Johanna Kalliainen
Laura Ainali-Karjalainen
Hanna-Leena Talsta
Tiina Pyhäluoto

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